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About the Story

A well-written Futuristic Western Sci-Fi book that leads you on a journey through the world of the obscure imagination and complete chaos.

The Author writes about a man thrown into a world that has been destroyed by something so advanced and not of his time it leaves the element of suspense from where it came. But in the end, we all know where it came from!

In the meaningful world of Science Fiction a well written book can leave the reader with an imagination and visions of a life or event that no other subject can.

The Author

A Good Read is measured by how well it reinforces the meaning of the story, not by some abstract scale of merit.

I've always had an interest in what the future holds. Human enlightenment, awareness or total devastation due to our inability to learn from our mistakes. The future will only bring what the past keeps repeating!

Any good story usually always holds some reference to events from, to or about to happen somewhere with-in our past, current timeline or distant future.

Contact the Author

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